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High-vibration marketing is an actual thing!

Have you ever had a major clarifying moment in your role as a business owner?

A moment in which someone says something to you that you just know will change the way you think forever. A moment in which a whole bunch of things suddenly make more sense than they ever have before.

Well, I had one of those moments last week.

Recently, I have been working with a talented Consultant Physician who has many years of experience and training in Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry, Analytical Psychology, Academic and Clinical Research and Healing.

In that particular moment, we were talking about the fact that I had recently qualified as a Reiki Master and that most people find that to be ‘random’ for a marketing and business growth coach, known for her work with megabrands and multi-national corporations.

His response: “you help your business clients through deep listening, the opening of energy pathways and connecting meaningfully with their customers. It’s ALL energy work,” totally blew my mind.

Here’s why…

For years, I have been coaching and consulting business teams away from what I call low-vibration marketing. Marketing planning that starts with tactical ideas and channel-led thinking and marketing content that lacks quality, meaning and value.

For years, I have been explaining that the energy required for business growth is created by strategic thinking and positioning (that moment in which a business vision meets the real world and you figure out how to navigate it) and how the quality and strength of that energy weakens as you move down the marketing food chain in to marketing disciplines, channels and tactics.

For years, I have been explaining that learning how to build a website or use YouTube doesn’t grow a business, despite what the ‘make money online’ crew tell you.

Marketing channels are marketing channels. They are the possible routes that energy can take from the point of its production to the point of consumption, but you must know which route to take and the best way for that energy to travel for those channels to have any real value in your business and in the world.

There are many planes of energy at work in our world, each vibrating at different levels. The question is, where is your marketing operating from?

If it’s non-differentiated, tactical and feels like a stream of one-way dialogue, I guarantee it exists on a low plane and is having minimal impact in the world. Its low-vibration marketing.

If its visionary, strategic, well-differentiated, heart centred and focused on value as well as two-way dialogue, it is high-vibration and having a maximum impact in the world.

Energy makes the world go around. Marketing is nothing more than the transference of energy.

Are you making sure yours is reaching the people and places that need it most?

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