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The world is changed by your example not by your opinion

Hello World Wide Web, it's been a while.

As a small and closed group of business owners gear up for the pilot run of my new online marketing coaching programme, The Breakthrough Business Programme, I felt called to explain my recent hiatus from social media and to share how I will be in this space from now on.

Like many business owners, I've had a complex relationship with social media over recent years. I fully respect its power and reach, but I also struggle with the filter (and let's be honest, fake) culture it has given birth to.

When the global pandemic hit, I spent a good 6 months pouring my love and energy in to the space with the hope of supporting small businesses through challenging times, but on a rare quiet day on a beach in Cornwall, I realised I simply didn't want to do that via social media anymore. Here's why:

  • I was burnt out and needed a break. The truth is that for the last 4 years, my corporate clients have purchased a minimum of 255 days worth of my time before the end of January. That means that anything I do in the small business marketplace has to be in addition to a standard working year and/or completed with the very conscious choice of turning away significantly more income. Anything I do on social media, is on top of that. Obviously, this is by no means a complaint. I consider myself blessed to have such incredible opportunities and loyal clients, but the reality of juggling the demands of both corporate and small business consultancy, as well as social media content, year-in and year-out can be exhausting.

  • I didn't like the person I had become on social media. Those of you that know my story, know that I decided to work in the small business marketplace having been to a digital marketing seminar in which I knew for a fact that A LOT of what had been taught to small business leaders wasn't going to grow their business by £1o, let alone £10k+ a month. As a result, I entered with some pretty loud opinions and a bag full of frustration and perceived injustices to match! As Glennon Doyle articulates beautifully in Untamed, there are two responses to injustice when you see it - (1) you pull those impacted out of the stream as they struggle/swim by and (2) You go to the top of the stream and give those pushing people in, hell. On reflection, I felt like I was spending way too much time giving the pushers hell on social media than I was pulling people out of the stream and given the limited time I had available, that felt like the wrong balance for ME.

  • I realised I was being hypocritical. Whilst banging the authenticity drum loudly, I also found myself curating beautiful (and yes, filtered) content of my life and business with the intent of 'fitting in' with a group of entrepreneurs I didn't actually want to be like. Selling a lifestyle just isn't for me. It's not where I believe I can add the most value. Most days, I'm in my joggers trying to spin lots of plates and failing miserably. I'm an award-winning professional who works globally and owns a successful business, but my reality isn't all beaches and glamour.

To be honest, for a fair amount of time, I considered leaving the small business marketplace altogether. Being here has never been about the money for me. I have a wonderful career outside of it. But when all is said and done, I know that I can pull business leaders out of that stream and for as long as I know I can, I want to.

So here's what you can expect from me on social media in the future:

  • Less opinions and more evidenced-based education

  • Less content, but better quality content

  • Less in-person consultancy, more online content

  • Less about me, more about you

  • Less perfection, more imperfection action

And for those that have chosen to stick around during my break, thank you! I hope that what comes next, makes you feel like it was worth it. :-)

Kelly x

P.S. if you're a business owner struggling with how you show up on social media, leave me a comment, I'd love to share tips!

Also, check out my friend Katie Brockhurst (Author of Social Media for a New Age) who is doing great things to help business owners create healthier relationships with social media.

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